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Welcome to the Norwood Auditor's website. 

Under my leadership a major goal of the Auditor's office has been to create a true Transparency of Government.  Since taking office our Auditors Reports  have been made available to the public.  The new Auditor's website now allows us to make these reports accessible online. 

The License & Permits page lists the public services performed by the Auditor's office.  It also contains a list of fee's for licenses and permits and the ability to download a Yard Sale Permit application.

Who Audits the Auditor?

Every financial year is audited by the State of Ohio Auditor of States office.  Financial reporting is made to the State who spends weeks at the City pulling records, verifying accounts, evaluating purchase orders, their receipts and checks.  The State also makes exhaustive evaluations of the City's bank accounts and appropriations (budget).  These yearly intensive audits focus on many areas but are mainly concerned with the Auditor, Treasurer, and Councils budgetary actions.  Any citizen or employee may attend the States public audit meetings and request areas of concern to be scrutinized by the State Auditors.  The 2016 audit is released and the process for the 2017 audit is underway.  Copies of the audited financial reports are available on the Auditor of States site or on this site by clicking here.

The Norwood Auditors office is the proud recipient of the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting for each year we file a Comprehensive Annual financial Report (CAFR).  

Fiscal Emergency Plan

The City of Norwood is currently under the supervision of a Fiscal Emergency Commission made up of local elected officials, local business leaders and officials from the State of Ohio.  The Fiscal Emergency Commission has adopted a new Fiscal Emergency Plan which is represented in a 5 year forecast which can be downloaded here: 


2017 Financial Audit

The Auditor's office has prepared the financial statements for 2017 and is undergoing the final statges of the auditing process.  These documents are available for download,


Current Year Budgetary Information

2018 Staring Appropriations (Budget) - Norwood_2018_Appropriations.pdf

2019 Tax Budget Available for Download - City_of_Norwood_Tax_Budget_2019.pdf

For a quick link to download of the budgetary data - Yearly_Budget_Breakdown_2006-2017.pdf

Revenue 5 Year Forecast Published 9/1/2018 - 2018-2023_Revenue_Projections_9-15-18.pdf


View or download the 2017 Year End Auditor's Report:     2017 Auditor's Report




How much does the City have and where is all the MONEY?

(Click Here)

Where does the City Spend Its Money?

Many detailed reports are available in the "2017 Auditors Report" but below is a basic breakdown;




















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