Jim Stith, Auditor

City of Norwood, Ohio



The 2017 Norwood Auditor's Report offers year end information of the cash balances and unaudited totals for revenues and expenditures for the City's General Fund.  Below, many of the pages and charts can be seen for public review.  The complete report, including expenses and revenues by key, can be downloaded by clicking on this link,  


   (This is an updated report, it replaces pg 27 of the Budget Breakdown which previously had a misaligned cells)




Start with and overview of the City's revenue and expenses for 2017,


Let's compare revenue and expenditures for the last 7 years,

How did 2017 revenue compare to previous years?

Breaking down the General Funds revenue sources,

Here is a comparison of monthly earnings tax revenue over the past 10 years,

While 2017 saw an increase in revenue the City's expenses exceeded total revenues.


These charts shows a breakdown of 2017 General Fund Expenditures,



There was a significant decreasecrease in overtime cost in 2017.  Remember that every dollar spent on overtime also increases the pension, Medicare, and workers comp expanses.  The true cost of overtime is up to 30% more than the base cost.  The City's base overtime costs are listed here,


Now lets look at a breakdown of the General funds 2016 Health Care costs,


The largest areas of expense for the General Fund is personnel cost.  The largest departments are the Police and Fire Departments.  A breakdown of their personnel costs are displayed here,



The City's final 2017 Statement of Cash Position for all funds is as follows,


Additional documentation including historic revenue and expense reports are available in the full report for download at the top of this page..

Please be aware that all the information on this site is offered in unaudited form unless stated otherwise.
















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