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City of Norwood, Ohio



Every financial year is audited by the State of Ohio Auditor of States office.  Finanical reporting is made to the state who then spends weeks at the City pulling records, verifying accounts, evaluating purchase orders, their reciepts and checks.  The State also makes exhaustive evbaluations of the City's bank accounts and appropriations (budget).  These yerly intensive audits focus on many areas but are mainly concerned with the Auditor, Treasurer, and Councils budgetary actions.  Any citizen or employee may attend the States public audit meetings.  The 2016 audit has begun, we are waiting for the State Audit team to arrive. 

The Norwood Auditors office is the proud recipient of the Government Financial Offficers Association (GFOA) award for Excellence in Finanical Reporting for each year we file a Comprehensive Anual financial Report (CAFR).  

Annual Financial Reports

City Financial Reports

Annual financial reports for 2016 are currently being audited by the State of Ohio and are expect to be completed in Summer 2017.

Annual Fincial Report 2015 - Audited finanical report under GAAP - City_of_Norwood_15-Hamilton.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2014 - Audited finanical report under GAAP - City_of_Norwood_14-Hamilton.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2013 - Audited finanical report under GAAP - City_of_Norwood_13-Hamilton.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2012 - Audited finanical report under GAAP - City_of_Norwood_2012_audited_financial_statements.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2011 - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  -  City_of_Norwood_11-Hamilton.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2010 - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  -  City_of_Norwood_10-Hamilton.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2009 - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  - 2009_City_of_Norwood_CAFR.pdf

Annual Financial Report 2008 - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  Norwood_2008_CAFR.pdf

GAAP Report -  An annual report prepared by the Norwood Auditor's office using the accrual basis of accounting.  This report is in compliance with the  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles established by the General Accounting Office.

Annual Financial Report 2007 - GAAP Report  2007_GAAP_REPORT.pdf   

Modified Cash Basis Report -  An annual report prepared by the Auditor's office using the cash basis form of accounting.

Annual Financial Report 2006 - Modified Cash Basis  2006_FINANCIAL_REPORT.pdf





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